Go Away

from Hypnagogia by Dan Mason



Feels like it goes away
Every time I turn around it's coming back to me another farce another day

Wake up burn down it's how it's gonna be
Hey hey nothing's gonna get to me

I know this how it's gonna stay
and everybody who I know feels they're gonna go another 'nother 'nother day

Night time to day time and every time
Everything is a fine line within your mind

You know what's going on
You know what's happening
You see me over here I can't stop battling

And everyday I'm feeling like it's done
But when the sun everyone helps me getting up into my

Next one
Try the best one

But every single day feeling like the last one

With all this pain growing every single day
Shut my eyes to make the feeling go away

Death becomes with no feel of another day
Every single time I close these eyes I feel the way I
Wanna feel
When I don't wanna heal
With every day it's getting closer and closer
To when our minds seel

I feel I need to sleep
I got that benadryl robotusen in my veins
My mind is going deep

So please
Get me off of these feet
Let my body dream and
I know its bittersweet

With my mind though
It's going blind though
Know it's always good to have some unconfined woe

I know I know these lights are gonna glow
People tell me stop but I always wanna go

To my bed sheets where my eyes meet
To get this feeling so good that it makes my life complete

I got this pain I don't wanna stay
Cause melatonin gives the high that makes it go away


from Hypnagogia, released January 11, 2019




Dan Mason Orlando, Florida

If you wish to use my music in a video or podcast just give credit and/or a link to my bandcamp and you're good to go!

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